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Bridgerland Literacy is a FREE reading and writing program available for youth ages 10 and up!

Collage of youth ages 10-18 getting tutored in libraries.

Bridgerland Literacy provides evidence-based literacy interventions at NO COST for one-on-one tutoring for students 10 and up who struggle with reading and writing. Children and students receive individualized support while being matched with a trained volunteer who meets with the student for one hour, two times a week at a local library. Educational materials are provided at no cost to the student and volunteer.

Youth learners and parents may be interested in this program for many reasons, including, but not limited to:


*All students must have basic English conversational skills before they can enter the program. Those who do not meet this requirement will be referred to the English Language Center. Once they have completed the program at the English Language Center, we can help them continue to progress their grammar and writing skills.

Our main office is located in the Institute for Disability Research, Policy, & Practice on Utah State University campus, with tutors working in local libraries.

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If you or your child could benefit from our services, please contact us.

Phone: 435-797-1210 Office Hours: By Appointment/As Needed



Office hours: Mon–Fri, 9 a.m.–2:30 p.m.
Location: IDRPP Room 026C
Phone: 435-797-1210


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